Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coweta Writers Group To Meet On September 10

Will Continue Discussion of Book Marketing and Distribution

At its meeting in August the Coweta Writers Group discussed Book Marketing and Distribution. There was so much interest in the topic and so many matters not covered that it was decided to continue the same topic at its next meeting. This meeting will be held on Saturday September 10 from 10 AM through 12 Noon at the Ashley Park Barnes & Noble in Newnan. The speaker and discussion leader will be the same -- Swanee Ballman who is both a book author and the owner of Jawbone Publishing Company in Newnan. The meeting is open to the public and there is no admission charge.

Information on this meeting and on the Coweta Writers Group is available from Forrest Schultz at 770-583-3258 or

You Might Be A Good Writer, If...

A review of David L. Anders You Might Be a Problem Drinker If... (Peachtree City, GA: David Anders Publishing House, 2011) 
109 pp $6.99 ISBN-13: 9780615448503 ISBN-10: 061545125X 
Reviewed by: Forrest W. Schultz

If you can create an appropriate attention-grabbing title for your book, you might be a good writer! If you can devise an interesting new format for presenting your thoughts, you might be a good writer. Dr. David Anders in the two books under review here has fulfilled both these criteria.

The titles, as I guess about 95% of Americans would know, are a take-off on Jeff Foxworthy's famous, "You Might Be A Redneck, If...". They are also the creative format. Each page contains one such gem. My favorite is the first one on the first page: "You Might Be A Problem Drinker, If You Pay More In Liquor Tax Than Income Tax.". Each of the two books contains 104 such one-liners.

At the rear of each of the two books is an announcement about at You Might Be A Problem Drinker, If...Contest, for those who would like to try their hand at composing some of their own. Information is available on the website

Since these two books are humorous works, there may be some literary critics who might object to the addition of the serious discussions in the preface to each book, which bears this title: "Introduction, Explanations, Disclaimers, and Apology" -- wow!; all that in a preface. These critics can make a good argument for their case, and, frankly, I would have preferred just the comedy. But, you need to consider the fact that the author is a medical doctor: as a health care professional he feels obligated to teach us and warn us about the medical dangers of alcohol in the usual straightforward manner that is customary for his profession.

Dr. Anders and his wife and his mother have been writing for some time. Last year he established the David Anders Publishing House, which so far this year has published six of these books.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rick Ryckeley, Author of Musings from a Cluttered Mind, to Discuss his Book in Peachtree City

The Friends of the Peachtree City Library are honored to present Rick Ryckeley, The Wife, and The Boy in the first ever event featuring the entire family, on September 10, 2011 at 1:00 PM.

Rick will read from and discuss his book, Musings from a Cluttered Mind. The book is a compilation of his columns in “The Citizen” newspaper plus an introduction to each article.

Rick was born at 110 Flamingo Street, in the State of Georgia. He has been a firefighter for over a quarter of a century, and is currently a Fire Apparatus Operator of a Quint, or ladder truck. He is also an educator, and has won awards at the state and national levels for his work educating children about fire safety. His awards include Georgia’s Fire Safety Educator of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, and the Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award.

Musings from a Cluttered Mind is Rick’s first book; his second book in a series of four, Musings from a Really Cluttered Mind is set for release in April, 2012. His first novel, The Calling will be released in the fall of 2013.

Rick is one of the founders of the Go Two Guys, an organization of firefighters who work in the community as handypersons and who operate a charity. A portion of all of Rick’s book sales goes to that charity. The charity provides car seats, bike helmets, batting helmets, and other safety equipment for infants and children.

Musings from a Cluttered Mind will be available at Omega Book Store in the Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center, as well as from on-line outlets. Copies will be sold and autographed during his presentation at the Peachtree City Library.

For more information on library programs, check the web site at, or contact the Friends of the Peachtree City Library at

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Donny Bailey Seagraves, Author of Gone from These Woods, to Read and Discuss Book at PTC Library

The Friends of the Peachtree City Library present Donny Bailey Seagraves, author of Gone from These Woods, Sunday, August 14, at 1:30 PM. Ms. Seagraves will read from and discuss her book in a program that is expected to last an hour. She will also sign copies of the book, which is available at the Omega Bookstore in the Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center.

The book is a first-person narrative by an eleven-year-old boy from rural Georgia whose squeamishness about hunting evolves into tragedy when he accidentally kills his beloved uncle in a hunting accident. The young Daniel then faces the wrath of an unforgiving and abusive father with support from his mother and others in the close community. Still, Daniel is overwhelmed with guilt. His journey to understanding and acceptance leads him to contemplate suicide.

Written at the 4th—6th grade reading level with the vocabulary of the child narrator, the book’s language will nevertheless appeal to adults, and the powerful themes of death, guilt, and forgiveness deserve the attention of parents, teachers, and children alike.

Ms. Seagraves is a native of Athens, Georgia and is a longtime resident of the nearby small town of Winterville. She studied journalism at the University of Georgia, was a newspaper columnist and freelance writer for many years, and has owned and operated a used and rare book business, Junebug Books for twelve years. Gone From These Woods, published by Random House/Delacorte Press, is Seagraves' debut novel. readers have awarded the book five stars. A review in the School Library Journal notes that the tough topics will engender many discussions about support and forgiveness. Booklist describes it as a “coming-of-age” story that will draw the reader in. Kirkus points out that Daniel’s “internal superhero-vs-villain battle” will appeal to middle school boys. Booklist compared Seagraves’ book to Gary Pausen's Hatchet. a book that many teachers and young readers will recognize.

For more information, visit or her blog,

For information on programs at the Peachtree City Library, check the city web site at For Friends membership information, check that link or send an email to

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Open Mic Under the Stars at Upcoming Writers Conference

The upcoming 4th Annual Writers Conference scheduled for May 20-21 in The Village at Indian Springs in Flovilla, GA, includes a free open mic event for writers and poets to read their work under the stars.  There is a 3 minute limit for each reading.

RSVP required:  770-227-4002

For more information, contact Generations Gallery Business Office at 800-352-7212 Monday-Thursday. Friday and Saturday call 770-775-7916. The two-day event includes meals, materials, seminar sessions and booksignings for $150. Most Credit Cards are accepted. Moderately priced accommodations are available in The Village's vintage cottages, or nearby in lake cabins, RV sites and camping areas in the state park and in nearby hotels in Jackson and Forsyth, Georgia.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

The 4th Annual Generations Gallery 2011 WRITERS CONFERENCE

Writers and poets return to Historic Indian Springs on Friday and Saturday, May 20 -21st, 2011 for The Fourth Annual WRITERS CONFERENCE hosted by Generations Gallery in Flovilla, GA. The event is targeted to those who dream of being a writer but need to sharpen their skills and learn from the experiences of published authors and poets.

“An experienced author will tell you that writing the book is only half the journey,” explains conference moderator, author Anne B. Jones. ”Knowing what a publisher expects is critical.”

The casual venue and small group size will allow for intimate interaction with the speakers. Popular writers will share stories about their own careers and provide insight into style. This year, the event features a workshop by The Georgia Poetry Society. Editor, Judy Bozrath will delve into how to polish a manuscript before submitting it to a publisher. William Rawlings, Jr. will discuss the challenge of marketing a book once it is published. The casual venue and small group size allows for intimate interaction with the speakers.

Featured presenters include writers Haywood Smith (The Red Hat Club),

Anne B. Jones (Tides of Fear), William Rawlings (The Mile High Club),

Jaclyn Weldon White (Whisper to the Black Candle), Jaclynn Morris

(From Me to You), editor Judy Bozarth and Georgia Poetry Society Poets

Ron Self (editor of the Brick Road Poetry Press) and J.C. Reilly (La Petite


The schedule includes a Friday afternoon tour of the Indian Spring Hotel Museum; a session on “Empowerment is Having the Tools” by thriller author Anne B. Jones; a workshop by Georgia Poetry Society Poet Ron Self; a Mix and Mingle Reception at the Hayes House circa 1853 with a Friday night Open Mic Event hosted by the Georgia Poetry Society.

Saturday includes a Continental Breakfast and morning sessions presented by Keynote Speaker Haywood Smith, author Jaclynn Morris, and editor Judy Bozarth. A catered lunch will feature readings by Poet JC Reilly and a Featured Presentation by Anne B. Jones. This will be followed by to afternoon sessions by William Rawlings and Jaclyn Weldon White, and a Georgia Poetry Society Workshop by J.C. Reilly. The evening’s campfire meal offers a chance for debriefing and networking.

Fee $150. Most credit cards accepted. For more information contact 800-352-7212 or 770-227-4002 weekdays, 770-775-7916 on weekends.

A detailed conference schedule is presented for review at and


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Friday, April 8, 2011

Michael Garrett, Editor For Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, to Hold Writing Workshops at the University of Georgia April 30 - May 1, 2011

/PRNewswire/ -- The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education is offering a series of five writing workshops on April 30 - May 1, 2011. The workshops will be taught by Michael Garrett, an internationally respected editor and published author.

Garrett is credited in Stephen King's non-fiction book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, as Mr. King's first editor. In a professional capacity, he has edited the works of such greats as Joyce Carol Oates, Harlan Ellison, Lawrence Block, and many others for major publishers like Pocket Books and Kensington Publishing, and is one of the top recommended freelance manuscript editors in the world. Additionally, Garrett is the co-editor of a thirteen-volume internationally award-winning horror fiction anthology series, Hot Blood, which has been optioned for television.

According to Mr. Garrett, "…the best person to give unpublished authors advice on how to avoid rejection is someone who rejects manuscripts -- editors! Only editors know for sure why manuscripts are rejected. Unpublished authors will keep making the same mistakes until someone in the industry points out what they're doing wrong, and that's what I hope to achieve in my workshops."

Writing workshop dates and times are outlined below.

Fiction Writing for Beginners
April 30, 9 am-12 pm

The Truth about Self-publication
April 30, 1-4 pm

How to Become a Published Author
April 30, 6-9 pm

Creating Your Novel
May 1, 9 am-12 pm

Short Story and Novel Feedback
May 1, 1-4 pm

To register or for more information go to, call 706-542-3537 or 800-811-6640. Discounts are available if registering for more than one workshop.

The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education is a unit of the University of Georgia's Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach. The Center, provides innovative lifelong learning opportunities through its continuing education programs.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bill Monroe Releases First Poetry Collection: Slow Turning

A review of William D. Monroe, Jr. Slow Turning:  A Collection of Songs and Poetry for Adults who were Sexually Abused as Children (Volume I) (Create Space, 2010); 95 pp $14.95; ISBN-10: 1453774831 ISBN-13: 978-1453774830

Reviewer: Forrest W. Schultz

Bill Monroe of Newnan is a businessman, an aspiring martial arts instructor, and a poet. Late last year he published the first collection of his poems, which were individually written on various dates spanning from May 9, 1991 through July 24, 2010. They are arranged in the chronological order in which they were written. Following each poem is its date of composition and a few brief remarks on its meaning by the author. These remarks are helpful. In fact, I wish more poets would do this. With so many poems the reader can only guess at what they mean.

These poems deal with the author's struggle to overcome the effects upon him of the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. This liberation occurred not all at once, but slowly, i.e. it was accomplished by the author's slow turning from darkness to light -- thus the title chosen for the collection. He plans to release later this year a second collection of poems titled Left-Handed Poetry.

Monroe is the second Southside author to have a book published dealing with childhood sexual abuse. The first one, Through The Eyes of Abuse, was published in 2009 by Clayton County author Deborah Hall-Branch. Both books are written with realism, maturity, and hope, which is a challenge when dealing with such a horrific topic. As such they are a testament to the vitality of the Southside literary scene.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carole Marsh Nominated as Georgia Author of the Year

Michele Yother, President of Gallopade International, announced today that local author Carole Marsh has been nominated as Georgia Author of the Year for Children’s Books by the Georgia Writer’s Association.

Marsh’s newest children’s fiction book MARY AMERICA: First Girl President of the United States is the story of an orphan girl who becomes the president at age 12, through a fluke in the law and a high IQ. “This seemed like the perfect time for a book that helps children understand what a big job it is being president, while being entertained by how somebody their age would handle the job. I’m also passionate about subject matter that helps children dream big dreams,” Marsh adds.

Marsh has been writing since 1979 and has hundreds of titles in print.  Previously, she has been named Communicator of the Year, received Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice for the Classroom award, the iParenting Award for Greatest Products, Excellence in Education award, and honored for Best Family Books by Learning Magazine.  Midwest Book Review called her mysteries for children “true gems of education and entertainment for young readers.”

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Award-Winning Author Writes Civil War Field Trip Activity Book

“With the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War starting in 2011, it is a truly teachable “four-year” moment for kids to understand that history has happened all around them! All they need to do is take a step out their backdoor!” says award-winning author Carole Marsh. Nothing will leave a better impression then seeing some of the sights where the soldiers fought and made history.

The Civil War Field Trip Activity Book is filled with activities for kids at or on the way home from a Civil War field trip. The book’s activities include scavenger hunts, coded messages, word scrambles, matching problems, civil war math problems, fill-in-the-blanks, and more!

There are so many Civil War sites to visit, and the new book from Marsh makes field trips and family outings even more interesting and educational for kids. The book’s kid-friendly format helps make the most out of visiting Civil War sites! With summer right around the corner, many people are making plans to visit Civil War battlefields near and far. The top 10 Civil War sites according to Fodor’s:

1. Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia
2. Fort Sumter, South Carolina
3. Manassas/Bull Run, Virginia
4. Shiloh, Tennessee
5. Antietam, Maryland
6. Fredericksburg, Virginia
7. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
8. Richmond, Virginia
9. Petersburg, Virginia
10. Appomattox, Virginia

Carole Marsh is founder and CEO of Gallopade, a 31-year-old publisher of Marsh’s The Student’s Civil War, Georgia Civil War Reproducible Activity Book and other children’s books. Further information is available at

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grammar Street Characters Help Youngsters With Nouns and Verbs

Common Noun lives on a farm in Lower Case Countryside; Proper Noun lives in a high-rise apartment in Capital City. Their stories of usage in sentence structure are part of a new book designed to help students grasp basic parts of speech: nouns and verbs.

“Grammar Street: A Guide to Nouns and Verbs,” written by Valarie Warr Gober, a fourth grade teacher at Fayetteville Intermediate School in Fayette County, uses illustrations and stories that are told in character, with voices and emotion, and sometimes in costume, to help youngsters remember the basic functions of nouns and verbs.

An excerpt from the book states that Proper Noun dresses in a sophisticated top hat and carries a classy cane. He never says store or restaurant, but uses the actual name such as “Fluffy” instead of “cat.” The teacher or parent is encouraged to accessorize with a top hat and cane, and speak in a “rich and famous” voice when telling Proper Noun’s story.

Gober was a student teacher at an elementary school in Milledgeville, GA when she began developing the characters of her book, realizing she needed to do more to help students understand grammar than just complete the lessons in the textbook.

“I was surprised that fourth graders were still unclear about the most basic parts of speech. So, I began drawing the citizens of Grammar Street and telling stories,” she says. “Students soon began to look forward to grammar and were increasingly able to remember the basic functions of nouns and verbs long after the lesson was taught.”

She brought her stories to Fayetteville Intermediate when she began teaching there six years ago, and soon teachers throughout the school were encouraging her to put them into a format that any parent or teacher could pick up and use. It took Gober three years, working on and off, to complete the book. She finally saw printed copies roll off the presses just before the Christmas.

“The majority of my feedback thus far has come from my students and colleagues, all of whom have been very encouraging,” she says.

In fact, Gober has been asked to write a guide for adjective and adverbs. She says she has some ideas, but they are in the developmental stages.

“I’m still bouncing them around with the children to see what seems to work best. If new characters and stories emerge that consistently help children grasp concepts of adjectives and adverbs, then I will pursue putting them into a format that will assist teachers in using those strategies as well,” she says.

Grammar Street is available for purchase at, and at

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation Offers Nonfiction Writing Class

The Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF) will offer a six-week class on “Writing for Money: the Art of Freelance Nonfiction Journalism” beginning Jan. 18, 2011. The class will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. at the OCAF building in Watkinsville. The instructor will be Dr. Wally Eberhard, journalist and retired professor from the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and mass Communication. Eberhard was a newspaper and magazine writer and editor before becoming an educator. He continues to publish articles and columns, and teach nonfiction writing courses. There are no prerequisites beyond having an interest in writing for publication. Fee is $90 for OCAF members and $100 for non-members. For more information and to register visit, call (706) 769-4565 or email OCAF is located at 34 School Street in Watkinsville.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Canton, Ga. Resident Writes Guide to Civil War Sites in Georgia

“Crossroads of Conflict” book signing Dec. 16 at Yawns Book Store

Soleil Laurel Canyon resident, Rich Elwell of Canton recently completed the book “Crossroads of Conflict” A Guide to Civil War Sites in Georgia”. The book details the impact of the Civil War in Georgia and its influence in the United States’ most tragic conflict. The book is published by UGA Press and includes a forward from University of Georgia former athletic director and football coach, Vince Dooley.

Elwell, a former program coordinator and administrator for the Georgia Civil War Commission, retired command historian for the Georgia Army National Guard and current historian for the Georgia State Defense Force, penned the book with Barry Brown, a heritage tourism specialist for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

The two will be signing copies of the book at Yawns Book Store in historic downtown Canton on Dec. 16 from 5-7 p.m.

Based on a comprehensive survey of sites identified by the Georgia Civil War Commission in 2000, “Crossroads of Conflict” covers 350 historic sites in detail, bringing the experience of the Civil War to life. The full-color edition is an updated and significantly expanded version of the guide originally released by the state in 1994.

“We greatly expanded the original version,” said Elwell. “We added historical context and a lot of photos and renderings including rare images we were able to find from The University of Georgia’s Hargrett Rare Book Library and Atlanta History Center. We really focused on images that were one-of-a-kind.”

The book is arranged geographically, separating the state into nine distinct regions. Beginning in northeast Georgia, sites are followed west to east, north to south. Detailed maps of each region are supplemented by inset maps of urban areas. For each site, the guide provides a detailed history, driving directions, online resources and GPS coordinates.

Elwell’s love of Civil War History began at young age. While just 11 years old, Elwell who lived in Orlando, Fla. had a deep desire to visit the Cyclorama in Atlanta, a panoramic painting of the Battle of Atlanta that was fought on July 22, 1864. Although his parents did not have the time to plan a family trip, his dad did put him on a bus to Atlanta by himself so that he could visit the Cyclorama.

“You’ve got to understand, it was a different time and place,” said Elwell. “This was the early 1950s. My dad paid the bus drive and told him when we got to Atlanta to get me a cab to the Cyclorama. It was a 14-hour bus drive with all of our stops. When I got to Atlanta, I spent three hours at the Cyclorama and then got back on the bus for a 14-hour ride back.”

Elwell said that the three hours spent viewing the Civil War painting was the spark that turned into a flame and the rest as they say is history.

Elwell moved to Soleil Laurel Canyon in June 2007. Far from the traditional active adult community, Soleil Laurel Canyon includes activities and clubs for every lifestyle. With a clubhouse that is equipped with a full-time, on-site lifestyle director who helps coordinate the community’s more than 50 social clubs, there is always an activity that meets the needs of the residents.

Nestled in Soleil Laurel Canyon’s expansive property are walking trails, bocce ball courts, six lighted clay tennis courts, a greenhouse and horticulture center and an outdoor amphitheatre. Soleil Laurel Canyon’s 50 social clubs which are organized by the residents, include three cooking clubs, a singing group, a garden club, quilting society and many more.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rebecca Miller Pringle on Tour for "She's Not My Mother-In-Law: She's My Husband's Mother"

Author Rebecca Miller Pringle presents an eye-opening look into the trials of building a solid life together

"She's not my mother-in-law: She's my husband's mother” presents the reader with a comprehensive picture of what one could expect after the vows are recited, the honeymoon is over, and trying to settle into a blended family becomes a much more difficult prospect than one could ever have imagined.

Anyone who’s ever been married is more than familiar with the stresses that can accompany a fresh set of in-laws. From lies to jealousy to disrespect- and even seasoned married couples- are often confronted with the ongoing drama of having to earn the acceptance of a loved one’s family members.

And sometimes, there is little to nothing anyone can do to change their minds…

We grew up with them (Our Moms) and sometimes we expect our wives to bond with them as if by magic or osmosis or some other cosmic process. Rebecca Miller Pringle spells it out in simple and understandable language, that yes, any guy can understand. So, when she has gotten on your last nerve for the very last time, get this book from Amazon and leave it for your guy just where he'll find it on his next visit to the throne. It's an easy read, not too long for his manly attention span and he will clearly get the message! “Sometimes we just don't get it”- Loring Jermain

Rebecca is the founder of Miller Mediators & Arbitrators. They provide individuals with assistance in resolving their legal disputes in and out of court. This new alternative method of dispute resolution is court approved, less expensive, and quicker than traditional law suits. Rebecca uses her legal background to address common tensions found in extended families with her new book.

Author's Upcoming Events

Fayette County Library-Aspiring Writers Night
9 October 2010 1-4pm
1821 Park Place Court, Fayetteville, GA

Fort McPherson PX-AAFES
13 October 2010 11am-2pm
Mini Mall-Bldg. 135

Nubian Bookstore
29 October 2010 4-7pm
1000 Southlake Mall, Morrow, GA

Bell, Book & Candle
45 John Frank Ward Blvd
McDonough, GA
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New GA Publishing House Offers Traditional Book Publication

In a day and age when self-publishing and digital print-on-demand are the options to which many authors feel they must resort, a new publishing house in Georgia holds the line on traditional publication methods. Presswork Publications of Toccoa released its first book in June of this year. Alexandra: A Williams Family Journal traces the historic journey of two Mennonite teenagers forced to run their family farm and take care of their younger siblings when their parents pass away.

Alexandra is just the first of several books already set for release by Presswork in a variety of genres. Drummer Danny, a fictional children's tale of a Southern drummer boy interspersed with educational teaching points about The War Between the States, will hit the shelves in September. Next will be Sautee Shadows, the carefully researched first novel in of the romantic Georgia Gold trilogy set in Clarkesville and Savannah during the mid-1800s, quickly followed by a modern series of children's books enlivening farm animals, written by eco-friendly Barb Bolen.

While the first two books have Christian overtones, the Georgia Gold trilogy, while inspirational, is a mainstream release, as the Bolen series will be. According to Presswork founder and publisher Jessica Handwork, the manuscript selection process is determined by niche marketing.

Handwork, who owns Aisling Bookstore in Toccoa, registered Presswork Publications as an American publisher more than two years ago. She was not sure at that time when she'd get Presswork rolling, but after Stephanie Ayers brought her the Alexandra manuscript in summer of 2009, Handwork couldn't put it out of her mind. "I decided I needed to focus on publishing," she says. "Aisling Group is our overarching company. Now I'm seeing things from two views, which a normal publisher wouldn't, because of our bookstore. I'm able to ask myself, 'what causes me to buy a book?'" That in turn leads to informed publishing and marketing decisions.

Presswork is already staffed with an acquisitions editor and a substantive/layout editor. Substantive editor Denise Weimer says of the company, "Both Jessica and I feel that while self-publishing and print-on-demand are viable options for many authors, there are sometimes drawbacks or pitfalls involved. Some publishers out there do not offer full support for their clients. We want to create a company where writers can feel confident that if their material is selected for publication, their publishing process will be respectful, traditional, and comprehensive."

Presswork offers authors book signing tours, national print and electronic publicity campaigns, and social media promotion including Facebook, LinkedIn, Scribd, and Twitter. Booksellers may purchase Presswork releases wholesale through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Books are also available on and at Presswork's web site at
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