Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rebecca Miller Pringle on Tour for "She's Not My Mother-In-Law: She's My Husband's Mother"

Author Rebecca Miller Pringle presents an eye-opening look into the trials of building a solid life together

"She's not my mother-in-law: She's my husband's mother” presents the reader with a comprehensive picture of what one could expect after the vows are recited, the honeymoon is over, and trying to settle into a blended family becomes a much more difficult prospect than one could ever have imagined.

Anyone who’s ever been married is more than familiar with the stresses that can accompany a fresh set of in-laws. From lies to jealousy to disrespect- and even seasoned married couples- are often confronted with the ongoing drama of having to earn the acceptance of a loved one’s family members.

And sometimes, there is little to nothing anyone can do to change their minds…

We grew up with them (Our Moms) and sometimes we expect our wives to bond with them as if by magic or osmosis or some other cosmic process. Rebecca Miller Pringle spells it out in simple and understandable language, that yes, any guy can understand. So, when she has gotten on your last nerve for the very last time, get this book from Amazon and leave it for your guy just where he'll find it on his next visit to the throne. It's an easy read, not too long for his manly attention span and he will clearly get the message! “Sometimes we just don't get it”- Loring Jermain

Rebecca is the founder of Miller Mediators & Arbitrators. They provide individuals with assistance in resolving their legal disputes in and out of court. This new alternative method of dispute resolution is court approved, less expensive, and quicker than traditional law suits. Rebecca uses her legal background to address common tensions found in extended families with her new book.

Author's Upcoming Events

Fayette County Library-Aspiring Writers Night
9 October 2010 1-4pm
1821 Park Place Court, Fayetteville, GA

Fort McPherson PX-AAFES
13 October 2010 11am-2pm
Mini Mall-Bldg. 135

Nubian Bookstore
29 October 2010 4-7pm
1000 Southlake Mall, Morrow, GA

Bell, Book & Candle
45 John Frank Ward Blvd
McDonough, GA
@softnblue (music & dance)
@RimbomboAAG (books, authors +)

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Sarah Trowbridge said...

Whooops -- The Fayette County Public Library street address is 1821 Heritage Park Way, not Park Place Court. And the name of the October 9 event is "Emerging Writers Showcase." (I am the event organizer.) Thanks for posting!