Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are you ready to be ‘Fabulous Over Forty’?

Does aging have to define and limit women in the middle of their lives? According to author Josie Slaton Terry in her new book “Fabulous Over Forty,” No!

“Getting older is the expression of our best self,” she says. With the right attitude and activity, Terry claims, women can be more powerful as the years stack up. In hope for new dreams being birthed and old ones being fulfilled, “Fabulous Over Forty” can be a middle-aged woman’s best friend. Terry’s goal is to let the 40-something female of today know that time is still on her side and that the aging process is as beautiful on the outside as the heart on the inside.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available at any bookstore nationwide or can be ordered through the publisher at, or by visiting, or “Fabulous Over Forty” is also an eLIVE title, meaning each copy contains a code redeemable for a free audio version from eLIVE – Listen, Imagine, View, and Experience!

Born in Woodbury, Ga., Terry has lived and worked most of her life in Atlanta. She is a business owner, graphic designer, writer, and speaker who is aging quite well. She is the organizer and founder of the Atlanta based Integrity Networking Group for Business Support. Terry’s “Fabulous Over Forty” journey has spurred her desire to age well and accomplish her goals by sending one message to women 40 and over… “It is never too late.”

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